Honey Tasting Club 

What is the Honey Tasting Club?

Honey tasting global extravaganza with Paula Carnell! 

You’ll be sent 5 varieties in each box to taste, plus a mystery honey, to taste together during the quarterly live zoom session with Paula 

What’s in your club membership?

When you join, a tasting set of glasses, spoons and honey tasting guides along with your first box

Quarterly parcel of honeys  including 5  jars, tasting notes, live session link, discounts on honey orders either direct from Paula or selected honey producers.

Monthly newsletter with a honey sample

Travel the world through your taste buds!

Using Paula’s experience from travelling the globe meeting beekeepers, you will get to enjoy single variety honeys that few people even know exist!

Learn about how Honey is made

Discover the distinct tastes of at least 20 single variety honeys throughout the year.

From Spanish Avocado to Mexican Mayan, visiting Mokorana from Madagascar, Romanian Sunflower, Scottish Heather, Sanfoin from Salisbury Plain and wildflowers from the Lake District. From sweet to bitter, runny to set, each box carefully selected to tantalise your taste buds! 

Learn how to distinguish good honeys from the rest

Understand what makes a great honey

Aromas of honey, how to describe and distinguish them

Learn what makes a great single variety honey.

Location, location, location, where in the world does each honey sample come from?

Meet and learn about the beekeepers

Learn how honey is extracted from the hive, tips and tricks to keep it pure

Monthly newsletter all about honey, informing about what honey is in season and from where

with many Membership surprises throughout the year

Paula's Honey Tasting Club

Honey included will come from UK, Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Madagascar, Romania and of course the best of British! 

12 months supply of honey around 8kg!

4 x live tasting sessions with Paula

Jars and honey tasting equipment included

education and information materials included

special gifts and discounts of anything Paula Carnell

Quarterly recurring payment

Each Honey club membership is for a period of 12 months

Who is Paula Carnell ?

Keeping her own bees for the past 10 years, Paula has learnt much from her own experiences. 

With her extensive travels, she shares wisdom learnt from beekeepers around the world.

 Studying honey in Bologna since 2017, trained her palette to distinguish between pure and adulterated honeys, also with her passion for flowers and herbs, teaches her the difference that a different floral source can make to our senses, and our health and wellbeing.

As a judge for the International London Honey Awards, Paula has tasted hundreds of varieties of honey, and has over 250 samples in her personal collection.

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